Interview with Frank Slovenec, Global Water Works
Radio Interview on USA Prepares with Vincent Finelli and Bert Bertonas on 10/29/2021

The Interview

Above is an interview I did a few years ago, talking about the discovery design in Senegal on TV2 Senegal.

Above is a short clip I took with my phone, as I was amazed what was happening just four days after I finished it, the first prototype, totally passive in design, absolutely no enhancements, such as extra solar heat or increased collection surfaces that came later. This unit was the basic concept of the “large scale solar water still” with salt content from my water source so high in saturated salts, it rivals that of the dead sea, or the great salt lake.

The Solar Electric Flat Top Solar Still, 2×2 foot square prototype test run
Close up of above for cell phones and tablets, notice the internal pure water rain storm!

Here is a short of the 2.5 x 2 x 2 foot square Flat Top Solar Electric Still prototype test, notice the constant flow of distillate. 2 US gallons per hour off a well twice as salty as the oceans.