The Book

“The Solar Desalination Water Station”, & “The Fat Top Solar Still”

I have decided to reveal all of my closely guarded discoveries I have been working on for about sixteen years, in a book called “The Solar Desalination Water Station and The Flat Top Solar Still”. After seeing and experiencing droughts that have been rearing their ugly presence, I made a decision, and now feel the time is right to bring this simple solution to a thirsty world. The need for fresh clean pure water is at the top of the scale in the quest for a happy healthy life. People can live without love, but none can live without water. Second only to the air we breath, water is the most important human right, you simply can’t live without it. And pure water is really the best medicine the world really needs. And without being able to produce enough of this water to grow food, the world suffers dramatically , well, that problem has now been solved! It is highly doubtful the slanted glass single basin solar still will be built after seeing the design features presented here. This design has to many advantages to just pass over and is quite simple to build and use. It will change the way we look at distillation on all levels.

Also being printed soon available, with the solar still basic tech: Don’t just survive off grid, thrive! A DIY guide to self reliance.