Now you can look at all water as a fresh water source

You can look at the sea as a viable pure fresh water source, or any compromised water in large sustainable quantities. A new breakthrough in solar water distillation and water purification has made it a reality! Now a single basin fresh water still (new design) can be built as big as any structure and enhanced with a few principals that increase it’s output to unheard of levels, a two and a half foot cube has a constant steady flow, not just a drip drip drip, but a steady stream of purified water, and all this without any fuel or outside power source. This design has shattered all available known solar distillation technologies the world has ever known to my knowledge. As you increase the size of this solar enhanced distiller, you proportionately increase it’s output, a first in solar still design. The Holy Grail in sustainable net zero, zero carbon footprint water from any compromised source is now here!