"New technology" Scaleable solar water distillers, single basin, single unit
designs, that allow a steady flow of purified water from a single unit.
The Topaz solar still © 2019 to 2020 Patent pending

A solar distiller breakthrough, enabling the scaleability of most single basin, single unit slanted
glass distillers to be sized to the limits only construction could possibly allow. Developed by
Gregory Lesher.

The Solar Desalination Water Station © 2012 to 2020, Patent pending

A solar distiller scalable to any size construction allows. An extremely simple design using
enhanced distillate collection and evaporation techniques developed by Gregory Lesher


1.        Simple design, simple construction.
2.        Locally available construction building materials available in most developing nations.
3.        No fossil fuels or outside power source needed. 100% green.
4.        Affordable, our personal inside studies have shown it is the most cost effective
        method for water purification bar none.
5.        Can be built on site, using any compromised source of water, no PPM salt limits.
6.        No return of rejected product such as salt back into the environment.
7.        Purification on a home sized system, or community, farm or town.  
8.        Low to minimal maintenance, functions on its own.     
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Real Water Independence
The Topaz
Municipal size
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Art that can be
illuminated as it produces
pure drinking water
Home system's
Small Farm or community
Not this.........
Thrive, or survive, your
How safe is your drinking water?
Upper left, chest freezer sized
unit up to 80 gallons per day.

Upper right, solar cooker / still
up to 32 gallons or more per day.

Lower left, 3 x 3 ft. or 1 meter
cube, up to 35 gallons per day.